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  1. DOs

+ Take some small dollar notes ($1s, $2s, $5s and $10s) to Vietnam with you for tipping and for taxi transfers from airport to downtown and vice versa.

+ Exchange money at a bank in the city for higher rates, NOT at airport exchange desks or street.

+ If you carry cash to Vietnam, make sure they are not badly wrinkled as they may be refused or exchanged at lower rates.

+ Always ask permission first before taking photographs, especially in ethnic areas.

+ After withdrawing money from an ATM along the street, quickly count money while standing there and put it in a safe place immediately. This prevents you from pickpockets and snatchers nearby.

+ Remove shoes when entering somebody’s home and most religious sites. It is not universal so please do as the others do.

+ Dress appropriately when visiting local homes and religious sites.

+ Take cyclo rides through Hanoi’s Old Quarters and Saigon’s French Quarter.

+ Avoid cyclo rides after dark unless the rides are operated by a travel organization or agency.

+ When crossing a street or road, always keep looking to the left and right and walk slowly! If possible, raise your right hand to make a signal of going across.

+ Watch a Water Puppet Show in Hanoi or Saigon.

+ Overnight at a local home in Mekong Delta.

+ Bargain for the best price at Ben Thanh market.

+ Trek in Sapa. Make sure that you are healthy enough for a hard trekking tour in Sapa. Otherwise, visit another tourist attraction around Hanoi or just explore the Hanoi Old Quarters on foot.

+ Plan to visit the must-see World Heritage Sites in Vietnam.

  1. DON’Ts

+ Don’t wear shorts or sleeveless tops at religious sites.

+ Don’t drink tap water

+ Don’t offer money directly to beggars or ethnic people, instead donate to a local charity or offer a small gift, such as pens, cakes, candies, etc.

+ Don’t go out too late at night.

+ Don’t exchange money along the street.

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